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Pensioner Subjected To Bus Stop Attack


Police are hunting for a yob who assaulted an East Kilbride pensioner and hurled abuse at her in an unprovoked attack at a bus stop.

The 75-year-old was punched on the arm by a male and subjected to a torrent of abuse at a bus stop near to the John Wright Sports Centre shortly before 11am last Friday, April 15.

The badly shaken pensioner got on a 201 bus to the town centre where she was met by her daughter and an ambulance was called.

She was checked over by paramedics, although police say she did not require hospital treatment.

The OAP has been left with bruising to her right arm as a result of the attack.

Police in East Kilbride are looking for a woman who was also standing at the bus stop and got on the 201 bus with her to come forward to help them trace the culprit.

They believe she was a similar age to the victim.

Police say the attacker lashed out after the victim made a passing comment.

PC Laura Taylor said: “The victim briefly spoke to the attacker, saying something along the lines of 'it’s cold, you should be wearing a jacket'.

“He then punched her on the right arm with his fist and began shouting abuse at her.

“There was another woman at the bus stop at the time and we are urging her to come forward. A 201 bus had just pulled up as the attack happened and both women got on.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.