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Show Notes Episode 18

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Coming up on this episode:

Six Year Old Produces Knife

Men Set Up Depression Group

Campaign To Bring Music Festival To Motherwell

Obese Adult Population

We talk with Jim Softley about the Biggar Little Festival

and The Noticeboard for October.

Last month the spotlight shone on The Samaritans Of Lanarkshire.  This month the torch is passed onto CatConcern.co.uk. Cat Concern started in 2011 and their main aim is to help and rescue all stray, feral, abandoned and unwanted cats. They are a samll registered charity based in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. As always you can get all the information from the spotlight page. just follow the links in the show notes or via the AcrossLanarkshire  homepage.

Six year Old Produces Knife

A boy of six pulled a knife on the bus to school and told his classmates he would kill them all, according to the claims of some mums.

Education chiefs in South Lanarkshire say teachers are dealing with the incident.

Angry parents say the bus was on its way to a school in East Kilbride when another lad asked the boy if he had a knife in his schoolbag.

It’s claimed the boy then produced a “large kitchen knife” and told the terrified child: “Yes, and I’m going to stab you with it first before I murder the rest of the school.”

Children on the bus are said to have started screaming, and it’s understood the driver intervened and confiscated the knife.

The mother of the boy who was allegedly threatened said he was “hysterical and crying” and she had to collect him from school.

But she said teachers told her nothing about any incident with a knife.

She added: “I got a call to pick my son up in the afternoon. I didn’t know anything about this. I was only told he had been suffering headaches all day. I found out from a text from another parent. I kept him off the next day as he was so worried and wouldn’t sleep in his own bed. He is scared to go back on the bus.”

The mother said that “unbelievably”, school staff allowed the accused boy to travel home on the bus. She added: “There were about 25 terrified kids on that bus. And despite carrying a knife and threatening to kill people, this boy was let back on the same day.”

Parents are asking the council why the school’s head teacher did not tell them about the incident.

One mum said: “I called the school. The head teacher was very dismissive and just said she was dealing with it. The fact parents were not notified by the school or council is ridiculous. We had to find out from our children.”

One parent said the incident had been reported to police.

Des Dickson, South Lanarkshire Council’s head of education, said: “The safety and wellbeing of all children is paramount, and the school have taken a proactive approach seeking to reassure parents who have raised concerns.

“The head teacher and staff are dealing with this matter in a sensitive and professional manner.”

Friends Set Up Group

Two Wishaw men who suffer from depression are setting up a group to help young men overcome the stigma surrounding the illness.

Derek Brown and David Finnie are hoping to set up a group for men aged 18-35 to help them socialise and meet new people. Derek and David are looking to organise the group to meet up once a week or twice a month to play a game of football, go to the cinema or just meet in a local cafe to chat.

The aim of the group is to allow men facing depression to know they are not alone and it’s not always tough times.

Derek, a personal trainer, said: “I found out in 2011 I was suffering from depression and since then I have been working on it day-by-day.

“I went to see a life coach at Hidden Depths and now I am training to become one myself.

“But it wasn’t until I was talking to David who was just recently diagnosed that we came up with the idea of helping others in the area.

“We’ve heard from other guys from 18 to 35 who suffer from depression and who would be interested in joining.

“We are opening the group to anyone from Glasgow and surrounding areas.”

Derek believes it can be difficult for men to open up and talk about how they are feeling with their friends and family in the same way women do.

But he is hoping the group will become a good place for people to just have a good time and enjoy being out with others.

He added: “Sometimes guys think they have to put on a macho appearance and not discuss if they are feeling anxious or depressed.

“But I know if a group like this was around when I was first diagnosed it would have helped me to stop over-thinking and sitting alone.

“I was always the joker in my group, I locked away the fact I would sit at home after nights out and get anxious.

“When I eventually told people I had depression they were shocked as I was always the one who would joke around and have a laugh.”

So far Derek and David have had great feedback and messages of support from businesses offering to host different events for them.

If you would like to find out more about the group email Derek at dezzbrown@me.com

Music Festival In Motherwell

A campaign has been started to bring a new music festival to the Duchess of Hamilton Park in Motherwell.

Stevie Muir has launched a petition to prove to North Lanarkshire Council there is interest in ‘Doon the Dutchie’ taking place for one day in June before applying for a license.

In just a few days the petition has gathered almost 600 signatures and a crowdfunding page has also been set up.

Stevie said: “This is something myself and a few friends have been looking to do for a while and everything seems to be falling into place as we look at bringing some of Lanarkshire’s finest musical talent together.

“At present not a lot is going on in Motherwell during the summer and we feel this event would be beneficial in boosting community spirit and bringing revenue to local businesses supporting and sponsoring the day.

“The feedback so far has been amazing, from both the public and artists looking to get involved, I never expected the petition to receive more 500 signatures within one day of being put up.

“We would like the council to take on board the interest from the local community, our initial correspondence with them has been positive, but we ask everyone to sign the petition so they know the true strength of feeling for this event to happen.”

And you can find links to Stevie's Facebook for more details in the show notes.

Obese Adult Population

A third of adults in Lanarkshire are obese according to new government statistics.

The Scottish Health Survey looked at the health of the nation and released its findings.

It revealed 33 per cent of Lanarkshire men and women aged over 16 are obese – above the Scottish average of 28 per cent.

Obese is determined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or over. The NHS say BMI isn’t used to definitively diagnose obesity, because people who are very muscular sometimes have a high BMI without excess fat. But for most people, BMI is a useful indication of whether they’re a healthy weight, overweight or obese.

And the NHS also say obesity is a common problem across the UK, and is estimated to affect around one in every four adults.

The latest figures show that 31 per cent of Lanarkshire men are obese, compared to 34 per cent of women. Across Scotland, the only health board areas with more obese adults are Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles. The figure in Greater Glasgow and Clyde is 25 per cent, while Lothian is the least obese at 23 per cent.

The statistics also look at people who are either overweight or obese – those with a BMI of 25 or more. And again, Lanarkshire has one of the most overweight populations in Scotland.

The report revealed 70 per cent of all adults are either overweight or obese.

Lanarkshire women are in better shape than the men – as 67 per cent of adult females are either overweight or obese compared to 74 per cent of males.

The average figure for Scotland was 65 per cent.

The Scottish Health Survey also looked at a number of other factors.

It shows that 12 per cent of Lanarkshire adults have no daily portions of fruit and vegetables in their diets – with 71 per cent having less than the recommended five portions. Only 17 per cent had more than five portions, the second-lowest amount in Scotland. The Scottish average for having five portions was 21 per cent.

Across Lanarkshire, the mean number of alcohol units consumed weekly was lower than the Scottish average of 12.7. The Lanarkshire figure was 12.4.

However, Lanarkshire men consumed nearly double the units of women – 16.5 compared to 8.4.

The figures also show that across the county, 22 per cent of adults are regular smokers, 24 per cent are ex-regular or occasional smokers and 54 per cent are either ex-occasional or have never smoked. All three are the same as the Scottish average.

Just before the Noticeboard in October The Biggar Little Festival is on this month and now we speak to James Softley to get more information:

Notieboard For October

The David Bowie Tribute Band Spiders On Mars is playing a live show on Saturday 8th in the Village Theatre in East Kilbride.

There will be some political correctness being served with The Pub Landlord Al Murray in The Motherwell Concert Hall.

While Over in Airdrie Town Hall the PBW will be wrestling out their differences as some of the biggest stars of wrestling get to grips in the ring.

Now if you hear this in time and you fancy having a go at being a beekeeper you can book to find out all the facts and info you need at Palacerigg Country Park. Bee suits are provided and all the details are on the notice board page.

Now if you fancy a night out on a school day, why not join Gorbals Lass May Miller at the East Kilbride Arts Centre for her show from Monday the 10th through to Wednesday 12th. The show starts at 20:00

Staying with the arts centre in East Kilbride and if you prefer to watch a play The Time of Our Lives is a new play created and performed by Theatre Tonic for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. Admission for this is FREE and its on Tuesday 11th at 13:00 in the afternoon.

The Dolly Parton Show heads to the village Theatre on Thursday the 13th. You can expect to hear accurate versions of Dolly’s most celebrated material, from her early Country classics through to her later smash hits.


If you are a fan of The Travelling Wilburys and would love to have seen them live but it never happend. Well, now it will as the Roy Orbison & The Travelling Wilburys Tribute Show comes to The Village Theatre on Friday 14th at 19:30

Perhaps your looking for something to occupy the kids during the October break?

The Panto Company have a new production of The Little Mermaid to the Village Theatre on Saturday the 15th. With stunning scenery, eye catching costumes, original songs plus up to date chart songs. Tickets are priced for Adults / Kids or there is also Family Tickets available.

There is a variety of fun activities for families to take part in this October half-term at National Museum of Rural Life, East Kilbride, as part of 'Go Wild in Autumn'!
Daily activities include den building, crafts and photography for ages 5+.
Sign-up on the day and doors open form 10AM.

Remember to head back to our Noticeboard page to get more details of other October break activities around the county.

There could be a Timewarp in Hamilton on the 15th thanks to 80's Mania in The Town House as Europe's official 1980's Multi Tribute Concert authentically recreate 25 chart topping pop icons with live band and dancers.

Or you could go along to Rutherglen Town Hall at 19:30 to watch Eagles tribute band Hotel California as they perform their spectacular new critically acclaimed show that gives you a concert experience of 100 minutes of pure Eagles nostalgia.

Have you heard of Mess Around Lanarkshire? They are a group owned by and managed by Pauline McCririck & Kelly Weir.

They provide multi sensory, messy play experiences for babies aged 6 months (or sitting unaided) to 5 years old.

Their sessions are special as everyone is welcome to join in including older siblings up to the age of 10, who can participate in the Big Kids Create and Make Corner at their weekend and school holiday sessions.
With lots of activities to explore, including the painting wall, the little ones can squelch, pour, mix and splat until their hearts are content. All you have to do is go along and MESS AROUND and leave the cleaning up to them!

Its in The Village Centre East Kilbride on the 15th between 14:00 and 15:00

Therapy Room's Comedy Weekender At Motherwell Concert Hall & Airdrie Town Hall.

Laughter is the best medicine at the Therapy Room’s Comedy Weekender, with punchy one-liners, witty come backs and comedy genius! Join stars from Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo for a weekend of TV comedy greats from just £10 and family friendly comedy for just £5. Get all the details on the Noticeboard.

As you heard in our interview with James The Biggar Little Festival is on this month from Thursday 20th - Sunday 30th

There are many acts, arts, crafts and shows on during the festival and you can get all their details form their website and you'll find the links in the show notes or on our Noticeboard.

October is also the month for North Lanarkshire's Cultural Festival called Encounters which is on just now and runs through into November. You can find various events in various centres across North Lanarkshire.

That about brings this to a close for this month. Remember if you have an event or fundraiser happening in the future and you would like it mentioned on the podcast or website, then please get in touch. You can get all the details by going to the contact us page on the website.

Just before i go Happy Halloween, enjoy guising  if your dressing up. Remember, too many monkey nuts are bad for the tummy.

Until November......