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The County You Live, Work And Play

© 2016 All rights reserved. Made By Mike Wilson

The County You Live, Work And Play

XL Podcast

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The latest XL Podcast is available to download to your mobile device or listen to online. You can find all the show notes and links to the people/groups mentioned by clicking here. Or goto our Podcast page and look for episode 19.

Lanarkshire. An area filled with beautiful country parks with amazing scenery,

museums draped in local history, a huge range of

indoor and outdoor activities, attractions and visitor centres.

Lanarkshire has two of Scotland’s world heritage sites:

New Lanark and the Antonine Wall. We also have five star attractions rated by Visit Scotland.

Hello and welcome to the online home of Lanarkshire. A web site for the people of the county. Whether your a resident or an ex pat. A place to find out what’s happening, what’s on, forthcoming events.

If you run a club, charity or your hosting an event to raise funds for charity. Then please feel free to let us know about it and we will add the details to The Noticeboard.

If you’re quick enough we could add the details to the monthly podcast. Just shoot an email to: mike@acrosslanarkshire.co.uk

Over the coming months I will be making changes to the website and trying various effects like this scrolling text. I will also be looking at ways to raise funds to help create a better sounding podcast. These changes will be ongoing for some time.

This month we pass the torch of the Spotlight onto Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health (lamh).

You can get all the Details by

clicking here.